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Zoo Med Snake Strip UTH Under Tank Heater

Zoo Med Snake Strip UTH Under Tank Heater

Zoo Med Snake Strip UTH Under Tank Heater

The Zoo Med Snake Strip U.T.H. Under Tank Heater is designed specifically to meet the thermoregulatory needs of snakes. This unique under tank heater sticks directly to the glass for optimum heat transfer and heats the rear portion of the habitat to create an ideal thermal gradient. Its narrow strip shape is preferred by snake keepers worldwide.

  • Narrow strips are the perfect heater shape for snakes
  • Heats rear portion of habitat to create a thermal gradient and promote thermoregulation
  • Energy efficient 10-watt design
  • Sticks directly to glass for optimum heat transfer

Sizing: Fits terrariums 10 gallons and up
Dimensions: 18" long x 3.5" wide
Power: 10 watts