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Seachem Flourite

Seachem Flourite

Seachem Flourite

Seachem Flourite is an all natural porous clay gravel substrate, specially broken and mineral-enriched to enhance live aquarium plant growth. It requires no gravel modifiers and never needs to be replaced, remaining effective for the life of the aquarium.

  • Premium natural substrate for the planted aquarium
  • Good for life of aquarium, no replacement necessary
  • All natural porous clay composition

Though its appearance is best suited for planted aquariums, Flourite may be used in any aquarium. It is most effective when used alone as an integral substrate bed, but it may also be mixed with other gravels. Flourite is not chemically coated or treated, and will not alter the pH of your aquarium water.

Directions: Flourite is pre-washed, but may be rinsed before use to remove any residual dust. Residual dust can also be minimized by filling the aquarium slowly while evenly dispersing the water to avoid disturbing the Flourite bed. Some slight initial cloudiness is normal and will clear quickly, within 2-12 hours. Mechanical filtration and Seachem Clarity can be used to resolve cloudiness even more quickly.

Tip: To minimize cloudiness from residual dust, place Flourite in a bowl in the aquarium and add water directly to the bowl, allowing water to overflow softly on to the gravel bed.

Note: This package does not feature a mesh bottom.

Aluminum - 10,210 mg/kg
Barium - 124 mg/kg
Calcium - 195 mg/kg
Cobalt - 6 mg/kg
Chromium - 13 mg/kg
Copper - 17 mg/kg
Iron - 18,500 mg/kg
Potassium - 2,195 mg/kg
Magnesium - 2,281 mg/kg
Manganese - 64 mg/kg
Sodium - 223 mg/kg
Nickel - 12 mg/kg
Vanadium - 15 mg/kg
Zinc - 29 mg/kg