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Zilla Mini Compact Fluorescent Bulb - Tropical

Zilla Mini Compact Fluorescent Bulb - Tropical

Zilla Mini Compact Fluorescent Bulb - Tropical

The Zilla Mini Compact Fluorescent Tropical Reptile Bulb is an energy-efficient light source that also provides essential UVB/UVA rays to help create a healthy environment for tropical reptiles and amphibians.

  • Energy efficient, slim low-profile design
  • Provides essential UVB/UVA for a healthy tropical reptile
  • Ideal for compact light fixtures and smaller terrariums

This mini compact fluorescent bulb provides excellent UVB penetration, making up for the UVB your pet does not receive from the sun. UVB is very important for reptiles and plays a crucial role in preventing or reversing Metabolic Bone Disease, a serious condition that can lead to reptile death. The bulbs slim, low-profile design saves space and is perfect for mini light fixtures in smaller terrariums. This bulb is designed for use in the Zilla Mini Heat and UVB Fixture.

UVB: 5-10 microwatts at 12"