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PetAg UT Solution Gel for Dogs

PetAg UT Solution Gel for Dogs

PetAg UT Solution Gel for Dogs

PetAg UT Solution Gel Supplement is formulated with Cranberry Extract and Oregon Grape root to promote optimal bladder health and support normal kidney detoxification.

  • Formulated with Cranberry Extract and Oregon Grape Root
  • Great Tasting
  • Easy to Administer Gel Formula
  • Reduces the Chances of bladder and Uriniary Tract Infections
  • For Dogs 6 Months and Older

INSTRUCTIONS: For dogs up to 10 lbs. give 1/4 tsp daily. For dogs 11-50 lbs. give 1/2 tsp daily. For dogs over 50 lbs, give 1 tsp daily. Give recommended amount daily. Administer orally.

INGREDIENTS: DL-Methionine Cranberry Extract 36:1 Oregon Grape root Ascorbic Acid L-lysine cornstarch glucose guar gum lecithin natural and artificial flavor silicon dioxide sucrose and vegetable oil