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Their prices are excellent, customer service also superb. The return policy is unusual, we have often been told to donate the unwanted item to a local shelter. Nice.

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Ecotrition Snak Shak Guinea Pig & Rabbit Natural Hideaway

Ecotrition Snak Shak Guinea Pig & Rabbit Natural Hideaway

Ecotrition Snak Shak Guinea Pig & Rabbit Natural Hideaway

eCOTRITION food blends for birds and small animals offer a nutritious mix of fresh ingredients scientifically formulated to help small pets flourish. Our blends combine premium seeds, nuts, vegetables and grains with added vitamins and minerals for a healthy diet. The eCOTRITION Snak Shak large stump, made with delicious Golden honey flavor, is a 100-percent edible treat for pet guinea pigs and rabbits. This unique 3-in-1 product provides your small animal with a fun hideaway and a great-tasting treat, and promotes their natural chewing instinct. With the natural wood look of a large stump, this hideaway is sure to add a little more enjoyment and stimulation on a daily basis to your small pet?s home.

  • 3-In-1 hideaway: provides a fun hideaway and a great-tasting treat, promotes your small animals natural chewing instinct.
  • For guinea pigs & rabbits: eCOTRITION snak Shak large stump is the ideal size for pet rabbits and guinea pigs.
  • 100 percent edible: ingredients include wood shavings, tapioca Starch and dehydrated alfalfa meal.
  • Golden Honey Flavor: Made with honey and peanut flavoring for a tasty treat your small, furry pet will love.
  • Natural Wood-look: This hideaway is sure to add more enjoyment and stimulation to your pets environment.

Ingredients include wood shavings, tapioca Starch, dehydrated alfalfa meal, honey, and artificial peanut flavor. From the largest elephant to the smallest mouse, mammals need to exercise to stay healthy and happy. So when their environment is limited, they're especially dependent upon the activities and toys they're given to keep them active. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, an eCOTRITION Snak Shak large stump makes the perfect accessory to any small animals cage!